Armored Vehicles

For IAG / International Armored Group is Pegasus Consultancy the agent for  the Netherlands.

International Armored Group is a premium vehicle armoring company experienced in the fields of engineering, prototyping and manufacturing of armored cars, armored trucks and other armored commercial vehicles.

IAG provides a full vehicle armoring solution by taking a holistic approach in the design and engineering process, ensuring all potential weaknesses are eliminated.  Unlike some armored vehicle manufacturers, we do not make false claims by offering “bulletproof vehicles” or “bulletproof cars”, a very common misconception in this industry.

For applications such as VIP close protection, armed convoys and patrols, it is suitable to use up-armored vehicles such as armored SUV and armored cars due to the vehicles’ discrete appearance.  It is important to note that even though they are equipped with full armoring and various safety features such as run-flat tires and blast protection, light-armored vehicles such as the armored Toyota Land Cruiser are designed to provide a means of evasion from the threat, not head to head combat.

Armored SUVs  Fully armored 4×4 SUVs from various manufacturers such as Mercedes, Toyota, Nissan, Chevrolet etc.

Super Duty / Light Medium Weight  Fully armored pick-up trucks from Toyota, Ford and GMC.

B7/NIJ IV Armored Vehicles  Heavy armored vehicles with multi-hit armor piercing rifle protection.

Armored Sedans  Armored luxury sedans from manufacturers such as BMW, Mercedes Benz and Lexus.

Tactical Armored Vehicles  Tactical armored vehicles for military and law enforcement organizations such as SWAT trucks and Armored Personnel Carriers (APCs).

Armored Ambulances  Armored Type I, II ,III and First Responder Unit (Fly Unit) ambulances based on Ford and Toyota platforms.

Armored Passenger Transport  Small to large armored buses, mini-buses and vans suitable for transporting personnel in high risk environments.

Cash-In-Transit  Cash-in-transit armored bank vehicles for transport of valuables such as cash, gold bullions, jewelry and coins.

armored_suburban_b7_nij_4_main armored_toyota_land_cruiser_78_ambulance_2(1) BMW_7_4_aa(1) IAG_Guardian_armored_personnel_carrier_XL_main

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